• Working with User Profiles in ASP.NET
    By MinalS On 24Feb2015
    User profile is a collection of properties describing information user wants to about a specific user. The user profile is defined in the Web.config or machine.config file.
  • Exploring Login Controls in ASP.NET
    By MinalS On 22Feb2015
    The .NET login controls are for authenticating the user name and password. A default membership provider is configured with the Login controls in a web site.
  • Understanding .NET Assemblies
    By MinalS On 20Feb2015
    .NET assemblies provide the information about the assemblies in the form of metadata to CLR. In this article, we shall understand the assemblies
  • Monitoring Web Applications in ASP.NET
    By MinalS On 11Feb2015
    Once the web application is deployed, admin monitors the application and can detect the problems that occur in an application.
  • How to Trace Web Applications in ASP.NET
    By MinalS On 11Feb2015
    The deployed application must provide with the expected results. For ensuring the correctness, user must keep the track of the process execution using trace and logs.
  • Understanding CSS3 Transitions With Examples
    By MinalS On 30Oct2014
    CSS3 transitions are useful when user wants to view the styling changes for style sheet. In this article we will learn some interesting transition properties applied to the style sheets.
  • Exploring CSS3 With Examples
    By MinalS On 11Aug2014
    CSS3 has been split up into modules. Each module has different features and style. Borders, Gradients, Text Effects, 2D and 3D Transforms, Transitions are explained with examples.
  • Common CSS Properties
    By MinalS On 29Jul2014
    The CSS divides the properties into the number of categories. The different categories of the properties are Text Style, Text Layout, Background, Border, Margin, Padding, Page Layout, Element Type
  • Complete CSS Selectors Guide
    By MinalS On 22Jul2014
    There are different types of selectors available and in this article, we will see in depth about each of those available selectors in CSS.
  • HTML4 Vs HTML5 Comparison
    By shabbir On 14Jun2014
    General Differences between HTML4 and HTML5 as well as difference in tags in HTML4 and HTML5 along with improvements in attributes in HTML5 and last but not the least the new HTML5 tags.
  • Built in Stored Procedures in SQL Server
    By MinalS On 5Feb2015
    There are many administrative activities that are performed in SQL Server. In this article, we shall explore the built in stored procedures in detail.
  • Creating and Managing Indexes in SQL Server
    By MinalS On 13Jan2015
    There are requirements when large amount of data needs to be retrieved from the database. As the data in more in size, the execution time is also high. The feature of indexes is introduced by the SQL Server. It helps user to create indexes and provide quick access for data.
  • Implementing Transactions in SQL Server
    By MinalS On 30Dec2014
    There are group of statements that are to be executed in a single unit. The concept of transactions is introduced in order to perform the task and maintain data integrity.
  • Implementing Full Text Search in SQL Server
    By MinalS On 26Dec2014
    SQL Server allows user to execute the applications for character based data in the tables. The full text search feature provides you search complex strings in the database.
  • Managing Databases in SQL Server
    By MinalS On 23Dec2014
    A database contains tables and objects. The objects can be view, stored procedure, and triggers. All the data stored in the database tables contains values
  • Java Date Time Classes
    By shabbir On 13Jul2014
    Date Time classes in Java helps in keep track of the various programming activities of your user.
  • Essential Java.util Classes
    By shabbir On 6Jul2014
    Java.util package contains the collections framework, legacy collection classes, event model, date and time facilities, and miscellaneous utility classes.
  • Essential Java.lang Classes
    By shabbir On 6Jul2014
    Understanding the essential classes in the Java.lang package that are fundamental to Java programming language.
  • Essential Java.io Classes
    By shabbir On 6Jul2014
    Understanding the essential classes in the Java.io package for streams, serialization and the file system.
  • Java 8 New Feature: Default and Static Methods
    By Koushik Saha On 4Jul2014
    Java 8s Default and Static methods in interfaces reduces burden of modifying the implementation classes when new functionality is added to the interface.
  • Displaying Data Using XSLT
    By MinalS On 23Sep2014
    Formatting an XML document based on certain criteria that can be specified in the XML document using the XSL Transformations (XSLT).
  • Validating XML Document and Applying Style Sheet
    By MinalS On 18Sep2014
    The XML document is not validated in its declaration and user needs to validate the document through a schema. A Document Object Model ( DOM ) is used for validating the XML document.
  • Exploring the XML Document Object Model
    By MinalS On 16Sep2014
    The Document Object Model ( DOM) is used for defining the logical structure of document and the way in which the documents are accessed and manipulated.
  • Creating Group Elements and Reusing Schema Components
    By MinalS On 5Sep2014
    The schemas are used for declaring the components in the application that can be used reused in other schemas. The elements as include and import are used for the purpose of reusability.
  • Working with XML Schemas and Namespaces
    By MinalS On 1Sep2014
    An XML document consists of several elements. The XML schema defines the list of elements and attributes that can be used in the XML document.