Witch software is best for making a website?

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Witch software is best to make a website in easy way?
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CMSes are the easiest
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PHP & ASP both are best for website building...!!! meet again.
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you can try this site. i think this site might help you
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Thank you for sharing your valuable suggestion. In my point of view Dreamover is the best software for making a website.
It is commonly used by beginner programmers/web designers due to it's simply, easy to use interface.


Carly Fiorina
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if you're talking about WYSIWG then Dreamweaver I guess i the best, however If you'll be incorporating dynamic content functionlity then PHP is the best.
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i have always used Dreamweaver and it does the job done for me
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I have used Dreamweaver and Expression Web 4. They both get the job done. But like Shabbir said, for a complete beginner the best way to go is with a content management system like Joomla!. We have a thread dedicated to content management systems here on G4E and there is a piece of software called Artisteer that creates templates for different content management systems as well as websites. I would recommend downloading the trial of artisteer and the building a Joomla! template and making yourself a Joomla! site. The possibilities are endless and there is a huge Joomla! community that will provide the support you need. You can ask any questions you have about Joomla! in the content management system section of G4E. Let me know if you have any questions. I would be glad to help.
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Expression Web 4 looks pretty nice but a friend of mine had so many crashes with it...
It was running on Windows XP i think
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In the past it has been pretty glitchy but I run 4 in Windows 7 and I have had no problems so far.