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How to Enhance Security of Windows and Recover Lost/Forgotten Password

Discussion in 'Windows' started by bydwpr, Nov 16, 2010.

  1. bydwpr

    bydwpr New Member

    You maybe always get in some troubles with your PC. Lost Windows password? Forgot Windows password? Your PC was hacked? Therefore, it is a basic step for every Windows users to enhance the security of Windows password. In the networks, it is found that a number of user’s passwords are easy to guess. Only the smallest groups are the most security conscious and select passwords that are mixed lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers and punctuation to create cryptic passwords. Adopting strong password is one of the most effective ways to ensure system security. Here are several methods for you to enhance the security of your passwords in Windows 7/2000/XP/Vista and so on. You’d better remember the methods below unless you want to reset Windows password from time to time.

    1. Is random password a great password?

    A common myth is that totally random passwords like Ht3&e#L%5d@$B are the best passwords. This is not true. While they may be strong passwords, they are usually difficult to remember, slow to type, and sometimes vulnerable to attacks against the password generating algorithm. It is easy to create passwords that are strong but much easier to remember by using a few simple techniques. For example, consider the password “Luck-73@Better?”. This password utilizes uppercase and lowercase letters, two numbers, and three symbols. The password is 15 characters long and can be memorized with very little effort. Moreover, this password can be typed very fast. The portion“Luck” and “Better” alternate between left and right-handed keys on the keyboard, improving speed, decreasing typos, and decreasing the chances of someone being able to discover your password by watching you.

    2. Create the long Windows password

    Although a password may eventually be discovered through some means, it is possible to create a password that cannot be cracked in any reasonable time. If a password is long enough, it will take so long or require so much processing power to crack it. That is essentially the same as being unbreakable (at least for most hackers).

    3. Create the Windows password constantly?

    This may be good advice for some high-risk passwords, but it is not the best policy for every user. It is frustrating for a user to have to constantly think of and remember new passwords every 30 days. It may be better to focus on stronger passwords and better user awareness rather than limiting password age. A more realistic time for the common user may be 90-120 days.

    4. Write down Windows password in a proper place

    Sometimes it is necessary for some users losing and forgetting complex passwords easily to write down them somewhere proper. However, it is important to educate users on how to write down passwords properly. Obviously, a sticky note on the monitor is not a good idea, but storing passwords in a safe or even a locked cabinet may be sufficient.

    5. 14 characters is the optimal password length

    Each character that you add to your password increases the protection. Your passwords should be 8 or more characters in length; 14 characters or longer is the Optimal Password Length. Many systems also support use of the space bar in passwords, so you can create a phrase made of many words. It is not easier to forget and lose, as well as longer than a simple password, and harder to guess.

    6. Try not to use the same Windows password for all accounts

    Some users always make the same passwords for every account to make it easy to remember. In that case, when any one of them lost, your other information protected by that password will be in danger as well. It is serious to use different passwords for different systems and accounts.

    7. Do not use some common words that other users maybe guess

    Most of users prefer to use some common words to remember easily, for example, login name, birth date, driver's license, passport number, pets’ name and other words contained their personal information someone knows. In that case, your Windows system will not be safe anymore. Moreover, do remember not to use some words spelled backwards, abbreviations, sequences or repeated characters and adjacent letters, such as, asdfgh, 123456, 888888, abcdef and so on.

    You can smoothly use your Windows now because the strong and powerful Windows password is created successfully, Certainly, I believe that many users lost Windows password and forgot Windows password, then you need have to reset Windows password or recover Windows password. It is a big problem for plenty of Windows users that how to reset Windows password. Many users probably do not know how to recover Windows password and they are puzzled by resetting windows password, for instance, reset Windows 7 password, recover password Windows XP, remove Windows Vista password and other operating systems after they create the password with complex letters, numbers and symbols. However, it is unnecessary to worry and it is said that things will eventually sort themselves out. There are many ways to reset forgotten Windows password, including use windows password reset disk and windows password reset software, like Super Windows Password Reset, a professional windows password reset software which could enable you to logon to Windows smoothly without reinstalling system. You can know more by reference to Super Windows Password Reset. Such was the case with using these kinds of tools.

    These are all my suggestion about methods to enhance the security of Windows password. To create password for your Windows account is not a thing you should do, but a thing you must do by following my advices. It is the important line of defense against hackers. If your Windows password is indeed attacked finally or nevertheless you lost Windows password, you can try out windows password reset tool I mentioned above. The advantage is that there is no fear of leaking your password to outsiders. Certainly, the only better method is still creating the strong password, do remember it and then change one constantly.
  2. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

    Nice suggestions but it looks like you had the same suggestions here as well.
  3. pankaj.sea

    pankaj.sea New Member

    Good Suggestions!
    One thing I would like to add that Windows Password can be easily hacked by Ophcrack or using DOS (who is expert in DOS can easily do this)! So, if someone needs real security for his/her PC then better to switch to other OS like Red Hat or Fedora etc.
  4. alpha34

    alpha34 New Member

    thanks for the info.....but pankaj people who are expert at linux can also hack it although it's not as easy when considering windows but its hackable thro' terminal coz even linux stores list of passwords in a file as windows does.....
  5. sly_sostene2009

    sly_sostene2009 New Member

    I have forgotten my bios password on my lap top .

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