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Relational Algebra A query language is a language in which user requests information from the database. it can be categorized as either procedural or nonprocedural. In a procedural language the user instructs the system to do a sequence of operations on database to compute the desired result....
1. Explain the difference between a database administrator and a data administrator. Database Administrator :- A person (or group of people) responsible for the maintenance and performance of a database and responsible for the planning, implementation, configuration, and administration of...
This is my first article and so please provide comments on it (good or bad). The design of the database is one of the most important factors in the performance of the database and with a good database design you also need optimal queries to perform optimally. Everyone wants the performance of...
If you've been working with databases for a while, chances are you've heard the term normalization. Perhaps someone's asked you "Is that database normalized?" or "Is that in BCNF?" All too often, the reply is "Yeah." Normalization is often brushed aside as a luxury that only academics have time...
A DBMS has to be persistent, that is it should be accessible when the program created the data ceases to exist or even the application that created the data restarted. A DBMS also has to provide some uniform methods independent of a specific application for accessing the information that is stored....
Database is an organised collection of data or information so that it can be easily accessed, updated or manipulated. Database management system (DBMS) is a software that manages database on a computer. Eg. microsoft access, MySQL, oracle etc. Database are classified according to their...
You have two dates (either in your code or in your database columns). How to calculate the difference between them in years, months, weeks etc! This is one of the most common questions on many forums, and the logic in general is quite simple. Most programming languages give you the ability to...
1. What is database? A database is a logically coherent collection of data with some inherent meaning, representing some aspect of real world and which is designed, built and populated with data for a specific purpose. 2. What is DBMS? It is a collection of programs that enables user to...
The definition of stored procedure as from WIKIPEDIA Stored procedure A stored procedure is a program (or procedure) which is physically stored within a database. They are usually written in a proprietary database language like PL/SQL for Oracle database or PL/PgSQL for PostgreSQL. The...
Introduction When I was managing a team of five developers I use to distribute the work among the team members and I was using the Excel for making notes of everything but on one day I though of writing a simple program for myself and used one weekend to write the program for my job but I though...