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I'm getting into some web development and found out about this interesting and easy web development oo programming language. The language is actually Ruby but Rails uses Ruby for web development.

I am suprised not to see a sub-forum to disscuss either Ruby or Ruby on Rails. I just recently started working with Ruby on Rails and wanted to open up a disscusion thread to encourage people to check it out and use it with their future web development needs.

Here are some links that might help with learning more about both Ruby and Ruby on Rails

Programming with Ruby: A guide to Ruby

Ruby on Rails: Introduction to what Ruby on Rails is

Instant Rails: Rails, PHP, MySQL, and more all in one convient installation file
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You can refer to the following article

Introduction To Ruby
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Why ruby on rails is considered as one of the best programming languages for web development?
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does ruby on rails build simpler applications or rather generates same output or product what other applications and language do??