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Introduction More ALP program time and this time its Addition of 10 numbers stored in memory at consecutive locations Code with all lines explained The subroutine we will use is as follows. This will behave as a delay for our counter LDA XXXX // Some memory location say 8500 //...
Addition of two 8 bit numbers. MVI B, 06 //Load Register B with the Hex value 06 MOV A, B //Move the value in B to the Accumulator or register A MVI C, 07 //Load the Register C with the second number 07 ADD C //Add the content of the Accumulator to the Register C
Looking through some archives of mine, I found some old BW (Biological Warfare) documents virus kits, and source codes. So here is an old virus from 1994 written in assembly language, if you do manage to compile it it basically sends a green arrow across the screen. But I am sure (ha ha ) that all...
Assembly language is one of the oldest low-level programming language for computers , micro-processors etc etc...It implements a symbolic representation of the Machine Opcodes needed to program a given CPU Architecture...Its a language based on mnemonics , labels , instructions , memory addresses...
In this article I am going to demonstrate a basic use of low-level language to demonstrate how you can get your CPU Vendor string, and other hardware information using x86 assembly coding section .data string db "The Vendor id string is 'XXXXXXXXXXXX'",0xA section .text global...
Introduction I get lots of emails and PM to write some more Assembly language programs and as I have some time I thought of writing some more. Its called Counters using the delay routine. Subroutine The subroutine we will use is as follows. This will behave as a delay for our counter
This is actually posted on Microsoft's website to remove Non-Dos partitions, but it will remove all partition tables. I have used it for years to damaged hard drives where the MBR is damaged and cannot be removed to be re-formated any other way. Table 1: Debug Script to Erase Hard-Disk Partition...