Using Debug to remove all Hard drive partitions

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This is an article on Using Debug to remove all Hard drive partitions in Assembly Language Programming (ALP) Tutorials.
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This is actually posted on Microsoft's website to remove Non-Dos partitions, but it will remove all partition tables. I have used it for years to damaged hard drives where the MBR is damaged and cannot be removed to be re-formated any other way.

Table 1: Debug Script to Erase Hard-Disk Partition Table 	

Debug         Enter Debug        Comments
Prompts       Commands

      -	      A 100	         Assemble from CS:0100.

nnnn:0100     INT 13	         Call interrupt 13.

nnnn:0102     press the	         (nnnn in the segment address).
	      ENTER key

  -	      RAX	         Replace AX register.

AX 0000

  :	      0301	         Write on sector.

  -	      RBX	         Replace BX register.

BX 0000

  :	      0200	         Start from ES:200.

  -	      F 200 L 200 0	 We want to write zeros.

  -	      RCX	         Replace CX register.

CX 0000

      :	      0001	         Cylinder, 0, sector 1.

  - 	      RDX	         Replace DX register.

DX 0000

  :	      0080	         First physical hard disk, head
			         0. (Substitute 0081 for this
			         entry if you are clearing the
			         table on the second physical
			         hard disk, 0082 if you are
			         clearing the third physical
				 hard disk, and so forth).

  -	       P	         Proceed (Debug will display
				 several lines of information).
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I would say repair the hard drives
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that's what this allows you to do.
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I'm offering this to people who need a last resort to clean their drive. I have been told by an ex-tech that there is a slight failure rate which render an already screwed up hard drive into a pretty paperweight. It has always sounded like a good trade off to me, but you have to decide for yourself because neither Myself or Dell are responsible for what you do with this.