Which is best Asp.net, Php, Sharepoint?

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Hey guys, yesterday I talked with one web programmer on web development he suggested me three unique programs for my website, 1. Asp.net 2. Php 3. Sharepoint

Well I am new and I don’t have any ideas, I just asked him what will be the best platform to use for my properties site, as I told him that I need to handle lots more database, he suggested me to opt for asp.net, he feels mysql is not much safe and not efficient to handle such huge database

I wana know from this community which in these three will be best, or is there anything new? I need your valuable suggestion..
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I would compare all for you and its upto you to decide.

1. ASP.NET >> Its a programming language by Microsoft which means you would need Windows Server + IIS + Database server like SQL Server + some Anti Virus on the server.

Say now you need some more PC for your servers and so your costs goes up all the time you need a new server

2. Sharepoint Server are again from Microsoft and so everything above applies.

3. PHP >> This works like a cream on Linux / MySQL and needs very little when it comes to server costs due to open source.

There is no difference when it comes performance and other requirements.

I would not think of anything but PHP. Facebook even uses PHP for your information and so I am sure this gives you some example on how powerful PHP could be.
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I totally agree with Shabbir
thanks Shabbir
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Php is the best language

There's been a lot of discussion about this topic and I guess everyone have different opinions about it. I am a full-time freelance developer and do projects with PHP and ASP.NET so I may have a more neutral opinion about the two.

In the old days if you asked me to compare PHP and ASP, I would have said PHP without any hesitation. ASP was cumbersome to me with way too much overhead and lacked the OOP aspect. But these days with the newer.NET frameworks it's much harder to make up my mind.

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Could u be more specific about the differences. I mean, regarding the technology and cost advantage, which would be the best. As far as I know, Sharepoint usually demands special personnel for updating the site content, in another hand php is easy as a blog. Also the cost of creation, Sharepoint is about 20% more expensive. I would like to know, the Sharepoint performance in a common site, only information, is really above of the range that would justify the higher cost?
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Every language have different features and different quality. we can't say that its good or its bad.
PHP - most widely used open-source server-side scripting language.
ASP- ASP.NET makes building real world Web applications dramatically easier. ASP.NET server controls enable an HTML-like style of declarative programming that let you build great pages with far less code than with classic ASP.

Sharepoint -its a fully developed by Microsoft for fully organizational need.
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As was mentioned above, PHP is best of the best!
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Sharepoint isn't so much for web development as it is a system for sharing documents across a network, and it is a pretty bloated and unwieldy one at that.
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Hey, according to me PHP and ASP.NET both are good and useful in web development. So I would suggest you to for one from these two.

Good Luck