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Record Skype audio/text chat using ASP.NET website

Discussion in 'ASP.NET' started by hotcoder, Dec 1, 2008.

  1. hotcoder

    hotcoder New Member

    I want to record voice/text chat of my website users who communicate through Skype. Can anybody help me how can I accomplish this task using ASP.NET or PHP code?
  2. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

    Unless skype allows such an API it would not be possible to be doing it using any web language. Application can do something with it provided user is ready to install your application.
  3. nika

    nika New Member

    To record skype telephone and cellular phone calls i use SkypeCap:lets you know when it recognizes that Skype audio and video sessions are occurring so that you can record them.
    it helps me at work)
  4. dasli

    dasli New Member

    agree with nika:)
    SkypeCap ( skypecap.com) nice program...
  5. Hernandez

    Hernandez New Member

    That's what I use too.
    It's one of the best Skype recorders I have had to deal with. Highly recommended!:crazy:
  6. Iliya

    Iliya New Member

    I prefer use the program IMCapture for Skype (Win), it's very simlpe tool for me.
  7. Mandy23

    Mandy23 New Member

    I also prefer IMCapture for Skype. It is very easy to use.
  8. Miuka

    Miuka New Member

    oh i used IMCapture for Skype on my mac,it's really good .you are right.
  9. dasli

    dasli New Member

    yeah, IMCapture for Skype good prog too...
  10. Mandy23

    Mandy23 New Member

    I prefer to use IMCapture for Skype. It records audio and video conversations in different formats and in high quality.
  11. Blessmac

    Blessmac New Member

    For this purpose u can try TalkAide for Skype
  12. zxzasa

    zxzasa New Member

    i'd recomend to use talkaid for skype (talkaide.com) for recording skype talks

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