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Hello to one & all, Myself & a friend of mine are involved in trying to make Chess using Graphics in Turbo C/C++. I am responsible for making the Game engine & he is responsible for the Graphics components. So far, we have (actually he has), completed the Chess Board creation using BGI. He has...
I did a sample program that shows how you can handle colors in RGBA format with the purpose of using them in an Opengl32 program, by the way, the sample program is itself the Opengl32 program and it'll show the results of managing different colors. First, you would like to read this manual -...
Hangman game source code for you.============ ----HANGMAN---- ============ #include<conio.h> #include<string.h> main() { char word,getit,*found; int score,loop,len,num,lup,om,luptimes,times,fitimes,ondtimes,antimes;
Hello This is my first post on go4expert, and I hope it's done with the right foot :). The beggining Although there are many solutions to solve sodoku on the Internet, after a discussion with some friends who work in the field, I inferred that there are two types of solutions specific to...
This is the simple snake game that i made . It is a net beans Project so if u don't have it you will find all the codes in folder "src". There is also an executable called M_snake.jar in the folder "dist" which u can run the game without compiling. To run the game you must have JVM(Java Virtual...
When I started game programming I had all the enthusiasm but lacked quality information on how to go about actually making a complete game. There is a definite lack of complete game programming tutorials. Much of my time was spent flicking from one webpage to another not finding anything...
The id Software company possesses a PVS-Studio license. However, we decided to test the source codes of Doom 3 that have been recently laid out on the Internet. The result is the following: we managed to find just few errors, but still they are there. I think it can be explained by the following...
Introduction: Hi and welcome to my article, this article is a small game using graphics in c++(DOS Based).I programmed this game and all of the graphics design is imagined by my friend Amit Mehta. here is little description of game "This is a simple game for new programmers. It will help...
As pointed out by bpd some code snippets are taken from Visual Basic Game Programming For Teens book. Hello guys im going to show you all a script that most begginer game VB programmers use for a combat system this is one of my scripts i ever used in the line of combat systems. Step 1....
I am a little new to this forum (& new to programmin as well). So, please excuse me if the Program that I am attaching contains source-code that is not required or too much of a complication. I used to hate Sudoku because personally - I always failed at solving it - even the simplest of ones -...
#include <iostream> #include <stdlib.h> #include <time.h> using namespace std; void Start (); void GetResults (); int input, correctAnswer, lifesLeft, maxGuesses;