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New to Web Dev. Whats best language to pull data from websites?

Discussion in 'Ruby on Rails' started by ComputersRuinMe, Apr 15, 2009.

  1. ComputersRuinMe

    ComputersRuinMe New Member

    Hey, sorry for the newb question, I'm a SysAdmin student, so i have a lot of scripting experience, but none really with web scripting.

    Pretty much i have a project where I plan on pulling data off of a website (bankrate) to compare rates and the such, and eventually give you a personal finance profile and suggestions.

    My question is just what is the best language to do this in? Once I know that, Im sure i can pull together some back end code pretty quickly.

    So, ASP?
  2. mclarke1987

    mclarke1987 New Member

    I'm a php programmer but i have to agree that ASP is probably the better language for this. Alternatively you could go towards Ruby or ColdFusion.
  3. CelesteA

    CelesteA New Member

    According to me Ruby is best programming language for that.

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