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There are many aspects to designing an effective site. Whether you own a company and are looking for advertise, promote, and sell your products and services, or you just simply want to create a page that will tell others more about you, you want to be sure people will notice it. That is why effective Web Design is essential to the promotion of yourself, your product, and, of course, your site.

The first thing people are likely to notice when they visit your site is its appearance. It is a good idea to make sure the content is clear so there won't be any confusion about where to find information. That will save visitors time, and can mean the difference between their continuing to browse your site, or simply finding another like it. The following are some tips that will help you effectively design site, and can help promote you as well as what you have to offer.

Loading time is probably the most crucial aspect of web design. Just because you have a great looking web site does not mean others will see it if it takes a long time to load. The design you choose should be optimized for the web, and should generally take no more than 15 seconds to load. If the load time is longer than this, people are likely to click on another site instead. While pictures and sound can definitely make it appealing, they can take a while to load, so you don't want to have too many on the front end. The same goes for each individual page on your web site. If a particular page takes too long to load, the person perusing site may decide to go elsewhere for the information.
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For a good webdesigning make good plannings,Take the ideas from magzines,newspapers etc.for a good webdesining USer's also needs the Developing a theme for your web site,Text and background colors,Choosing background and foreground colors,Web page titles - The HTML TITLE tag,Web page headings and font styles,Creating seamless backgrounds,Beautiful seamless web page backgrounds
etc.Web site peprations is mainly depends on the designer's ideas oe commensense
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i can't agree more.actually today is client/customer oriented time,so a good website means service your customers in the best way.try to think what the customer is thinking
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Originally Posted by Dean-123
i can't agree more.actually today is client/customer oriented time,so a good website means service your customers in the best way.try to think what the customer is thinking


You are right DEAN, Today is customer day.
What they want provide them, that's all.
That the todays web designing. upgrade your sites with regular intervals, You can give the free and attractive things to your customers.

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A good website requires a good website design. A new design might be the correct answer and the right strategy for the success. A quality design can help your website seek the required attention from the customers. At the same time, it also gives you the confidence that you are projecting your products/services in the best possible way.Some aspects to take care of in the website designing are the front and the back areas. The front areas should involve features such as:
* Attractive design and pictures with use of charts and images
* Limited use of text and increased use of animation
* Easy navigation and linking of the following and related web pages and links
* Shopping cart and order placing facilities along with product description
* Newsletters on recent developments in the sector
* Facility to allow customers to contact you
This would help you to beat your competition and establish your name.

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Hello Daworm, thanks for the tips and tricks, they are really useful for newbies
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Good tips and I would also like to add that dont just make any web design that looks good. First build a theme in your mind and then start designing around that idea. Professional website desgns show consustancy and simplcity. They shouldnt necessarily be with heavy graphics untill unless it is a requirement.
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wow, these are the useful tips. This is very useful specially for me. thanks for sharing.
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Most website owners and web designers design the sites for themselves, not their audiences. What looks good to you doesnt necessarily look good to your visitors. A lot of web design focus on the layout and graphics, not the content. The content is the substance of the site. It is what visitors look for. No one cares how creative or beautiful your site looks.
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I am relatively new to web design and have designed a few sites now, and I feel like I can get more out of my site. I would appreciate any input from professional designers too common Joes about the design lay out of my site and how I can make it better, friendly, and practical.