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want to make a GTA like Game?

Discussion in 'Game programming' started by usman, Nov 16, 2008.

  1. usman

    usman New Member

    Hello brothers and sisters:

    i am usman ahmad. i am from Pakistan. and reading in University of Sargodha in IT department.
    i am doing BS honor in computer science and in 5th semester. i want to make our final project as a 3d game like GTA vice city. so what you people think about it?
    i am thinking for using C# with directX. what you people suggest?
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  2. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

    You posted this as a Game programming article and I moved it to the forum for discussion
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  3. neo_vi

    neo_vi New Member

    pretty tough idea mate. always remember that these games are not written by a single person. It needs a team operation atleast of 20 members. So plan accordingly. C# with directx is a good option.
  4. usman

    usman New Member

    yeah of course i have 5 to 7 members group. 3 are good programmers of C++ as well as C#. but not touched DirectX. i also require some 3d professional. i hope that one of us will be devoted to this field.

    what about the XNA game studio? Have any one used it before?
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  5. neo_vi

    neo_vi New Member

    nope, i haven't heard of XNA game studio. Even if U have enough number of programmers u shud consider the timeline too. for 3D pro u can hire a freelancer.
  6. cpulocksmith

    cpulocksmith New Member

    this may not be useful for you but, if you do decide to make this GTA like game i would vary much like it if you could send me a copy or provide me with a place in witch i could download it.
  7. migmoto007

    migmoto007 New Member

    anyway... how would you be able to put the game together.
  8. usman

    usman New Member

    yeah thats not as difficlut as to make those parts. XNA Game Studio provides you to assemble everything at a place. you can import .x files which relate to directX files and it can be used in game.
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  9. migmoto007

    migmoto007 New Member

    lol your using XNA studio wow that must be difficult i made one like tetris hahahahaha thats hot complicated it is for me even tho i know C# and vb 2010
  10. usman

    usman New Member

    @migmoto007 can you imagine that mario game has acheived 7 world records in gaming? and have you played mario? thats like a child's stuff. things doesn't matter much so in the same way tools and studio doesn't matter much. matter is the hard work and devotion. why not you can make a big game in C# and xna studio? i had made a terrain and take a man and ran him on that terrain from my key pad just to check out that it works or not. i think to make game in C++ with old game engines is much much more difficult bro. have you ever developed win32 apps in C++? you have to control handles and blah blah there is no such things in C# a very high level language. yet an issue that it may be a little slow. thats the only issue. not hot complicated or cold complicated. haha
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  11. HarryStewart

    HarryStewart New Member

    This is a very complicated procedure consequently I suggest starting off a little easier, such as video editing creating.:mad::confused::crazy::happy::shout::sosp::p;)
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  12. HarryStewart

    HarryStewart New Member

    Although it can be done. There are some websites online that you can search for on google.
  13. Niel Thakkar

    Niel Thakkar New Member

  14. Atomic_Joker

    Atomic_Joker New Member

    Assalamu Alekum Rahmutullah , shabbir Ji , Usman Ji , and All Brother and friend here in forum .

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