PHP editor ?

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What is the PHP designer or code editor's name, where I can get it?

Thanks in Advance
like this
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John Hoder
Here is some link: but I think that Notepad.exe is enough for PHP.
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Another option is Notepad++ which is like Notepad on steroids because it has syntax highlighting and other useful features.
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I'm prefer Nodepad++ too))
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I like free Codelobster PHP Edition very much.
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Aptana Studio is another one that I use that is really good.
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try Adobe Dreamweaver CS 3,4,5,6
any thing is good worth working !
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Zend studio , but i recomand to get use to notepad++
According to me notepad + + is best.
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Dreamweaver is the powerful tool has some sort of code folding.