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How To Increase Traffic

Discussion in 'Web Development' started by fashionbop, Jan 15, 2011.

  1. fashionbop

    fashionbop New Member

    Hi All,
    I have news websites, can u all suggest me that how can i improve traffic of my websites. I want specific ideas that can be applied for news site only.
    so that i can increase thousands of unique visitors.

    Please reply if you have general ideas...quality link building, PR, content etc..

  2. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

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  3. possible.in

    possible.in New Member

    Unique idea for your news site for increasing traffic is increasing RSS feeds that can i suggest as many people subscribe for your feeds more traffic you'll get?
    If you want more then do search engine optimization with seo experts !
  4. denishverma

    denishverma Denish Verma- SEO Expert

    Social Media optimization and Social Media Marketing is a best key to get good traffic.
    - Content must be informative
    - Updated
    - New and attractive to read
    - Use twitter and facebook which is big SMO tools

    Hope so you like.
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  5. possible.in

    possible.in New Member

    Is facebook or twitter allow the SMO n SMM?
    these social sites allows any links for seo??
  6. humpakistani

    humpakistani New Member

    create a qualify website and then may you can increase your web traffic easily even you can make money so much in this way
  7. DaleneValorie

    DaleneValorie New Member

    1.Quality content...If you having quality content it will automatically increase your level and traffic
    2.following facebook and twitter social medias....
    3.do link building for site.....
  8. denishverma

    denishverma Denish Verma- SEO Expert

    TO Possible !!

    Facebook & twitter is the ever best tool for SMO activities.
    Even they gives good backlinks, Indexed by google - easily and quick.
    Twitter have own search engine - search.twitter and facebook - you know- how much popular in market.
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  9. jhon786

    jhon786 New Member

    I will also go with Shabbir these tips are really good and effective. And the most important factor is to increase traffic on website is the "Quality Content"
  10. michaeljohn

    michaeljohn Banned

    Do quality Directory, Social Book Marking and Blog submission with high PR.
  11. sameerse

    sameerse Banned

    Do some submissions with high PR like directories and bookmarking also.
  12. puviyamilla

    puviyamilla New Member

    Using the SEO techniques we can increase the traffic of the website ,
    For that one visit this site
    here it gives the best way to increase traffic through blogging , adding keywords, article submission, & directory submission.........
  13. sabulba

    sabulba New Member

    to increase the traffic on the website many techniques are there as profile linking, blog commenting, blog posting, forum posting is another good process to increase the traffic on your website.
  14. jhonden

    jhonden New Member

    I believe content is the king. Post as much article and blog link them to u\your website and see the results.
  15. elggdevelopers

    elggdevelopers New Member

    For getting high traffic start SMO(social media optimization) through social networking sites like facebook , twitter, googl+ etc.These are very helpfull in getting higher traffic and visitors as well go for forum posting and blog commenting also.
  16. yoursocialfans

    yoursocialfans New Member

    For improving traffic to your websites,
    1.check your URL is submitted to search engine or not.
    2.Do SEO for your Title tag,Meta tag,image and content optimzation,etc.
    3.Do SMO for getting high traffic to your websites by using Facebook,Twitter.

    Facebook and Twitter will really helpful to promote your websites and improve your website traffic and also it creates the brand awareness about your business.
  17. junrai214

    junrai214 New Member

    Traffic generation tactics that works for me:

    Guest posting to high authority and relevant websites:
    High authority blog sites tend to have a large audience. Just imagine the exposure you will get when you get your blogs, containing your websites' links, posted in these sites.

    Comment Posting:
    Posting on websites with relevant niche to your website can generate traffic. Find blogs that have at least 3 comments in them since this will tell you that that blog does have readers as well as allow comments. Find blogs that have a comment luv plug-in. This plug-in allows the latest post from your site to appear below your comment thus allowing the other commenters to conveniently click and visit your site.

    Article submission:
    High authority directories such as ezinearticles, hubpages, squidoo, goarticles, articlebase have numerous loyal and new visitors. By providing a quality article, your readers would be encouraged to visit your main site.

    Create high quality links:
    Creating high quality backlinks can help your website climb in the ranking thus making your site more visible to readers that are searching for your chosen keywords. I came across Ardor Backlinks and Auto Backlink Services. I am not am fan of availing for services that creates hundreds of backlinks but I do prefer a few yet high PR backlinks. I usually visit Ardor Backlinks and Auto Backlink Services if I want to acquire PR 4 to 9, .edu, .gov backlinks.

    I hope this list can help.
  18. davidgaffer

    davidgaffer New Member

    Most important , create interesting contents for which people are craving for and then share the content across social networks. This sounds simple but it needs lots of research and hard work.
  19. Roman Sahakov

    Roman Sahakov New Member

    I would recommend you to start doing SMM: open few profiles in Social networking sites and begin your activity. Share your blog posts where you will have your website URL. So it will be tier two which is much more preferable.
  20. invigo

    invigo New Member

    do you used high page rank sites like directory submission, article submission, forums and high page rank blog commenting etc....
    i hop you used thes techniques get more traffic for your website.

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