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What is the impact of CMS on SEO?

Discussion in 'Content Management System' started by jiten702, Jun 26, 2010.

  1. jiten702

    jiten702 New Member

    [FONT=Garamond, Garamond, serif]Hi all.....[/FONT]

    [FONT=Garamond, Garamond, serif]Using a CMS is quite helpful in website management but what about the ongoing SEO activities? What will be the impact of using CMS on SEO activities?[/FONT]
  2. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

    Good CMSes actually means you do not need to be working on the onpage factors of SEO
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  3. johnny.dacu

    johnny.dacu New Member

    When it comes about CMS, i think about custom theme. So, if markup is not right, you will still work on SEO factors onpage like alt atribute, title, and so on.
  4. benivolent

    benivolent Banned

    Web Content Management System (CMS) will be a big help to your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts because it will help you create fresh, interesting content, right? Not necessarily.
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  5. aishaarora

    aishaarora Banned

    Implementing a CMS can be a boon to SEO efforts, many CMS systems were not designed with search engine marketing in mind. Some specific problems that content generated by this kind of CMS has in being indexed by search engines include:
  6. lincy

    lincy New Member

    Web Content Management System (CMS) will be a big help to your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts because it will help you create fresh, interesting content, right?
  7. virender.ets

    virender.ets Banned

    if the CMS of website will be fully optimized then the it will be very helpful to increase the ranking of website as it will help the search engine to crawl the website.
  8. kumarmannu

    kumarmannu Banned

    Search engine optimization is all about good content and using a CMS should ideally help your SEO efforts. However this is not always true, Well CMS does help you create fresh content with ease and this is what they are meant for. Implementing CMS is good for SEO however it can be a disaster as well.

    To reason it further, let’s understand that the CMS are designed primarily to manage contents not keeping in mind Search Engine Marketing. This leads to situation wherein search engines are not able to index such contents. Here are some drawbacks that restrict Search engine access to contents.
  9. denishverma

    denishverma Denish Verma- SEO Expert

    Good CMS is always seo friendly and compatible with all types of websites. For example wordpress is best CMS ever in SEO Technology.
    There are many like- Joomla also and in php we also can make custom cpanel.

    CMS is also easy to understand , to use and to build new website easily.

    There are many tools in CMSs which always helped out in seo point of view.
    For example- in Wordpress there are many plugins used for seo i.e. SEO All in one pack is one of best plugin in wordpress.

    Same like that - many things are very important and helpful in CMS by which we can make site easily and seo friendly.
  10. rijans

    rijans New Member

    CMS are always helpful for SEO because the have built-in functionality and plugin support to optimize everything inside your website.
  11. Anton Zaleski

    Anton Zaleski New Member

    Yeah, any good site today should be SEO-friendly, be that any CMS or custom-built framework-based project. An absolute must.
  12. mialuzzatto

    mialuzzatto New Member


    A CMS in its self is neither good or bad for SEO. IF you change your site by moving to a new technology that creates a different structure with different URLs and link paths (i.e a different site) then it will have an effect, very usually negative. Wordpress is a CMS, and helps a lot with content management but it doesn't do SEO. There are some SEO plug ins that helps and do some basic up front things but they don't do SEO for you.

    Generally, most CMS technology is SEO unfriendly. Back end CMS systems should remain back end and be hidden from the front end.

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