Hp or Dell

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Hey guyz, this just came to my mind, its about quality and durabilty of laptops and desktop we use. I pick 2 manufacturers, Hewlett Parkard and Dell. Which do u think is stronger, faster and durable?. I personaly prefer dell, but what do u think?
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My personal favorite is Toshiba and I have been using them for last 4 years.
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Dell is 100% better, HP is Crap. But others like Toshiba are good too.
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I prefer dell!!!!!!!!!
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hay if you really want a bad boy laptop look into the Asus Republic of Gamers. I've got to tell you it is FAST!!!!!! It also has some really brilliant fixes. for example they mounted 2 fans right on the rear of the deck ( not under it ) there are no heat issues when you kick back and set up on you're lap. the 8 processors and the 6 gigs of ram just shred threw games like nothing. For example I was at a lan party we had about 7 of us there. I was serving and for some strange reason I was lagging a little ( verry little) jumped back to my home screen and I was running another processor heavy game in the back ground. any ways just take a peak at it before you make any final decisions they are worth a look. Ps: the 3d vid card is insane with the 60 in LG 3d tv. movies are perfect and games get a killer boost to.
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i vote for Dell
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My favorite is Dell laptop because i am used it last 3 years....its sound quality is good ..