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Discussion in 'Help and Support' started by poluroud20, Nov 14, 2006.

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    Hi..!! everyone! I've registered because of problem. So I'm asking you, because I've seen here many smart and good people to help me to understand this correctly. I am From England Nice day is it today, but I have a question for all...In first , how i post message to PM...???Thank you very much!Mark. G..!!
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    Just so you’re very clear on the subject

    Um, are you meaning how to write a pm? Or how to paste a message in a pm? Or maybe you mean how to attach a message to a pm? Or how to get to your pm's?
    I will tell you how to do all of these things.

    1. How to get to your pm's:
    You look at the top right hand corner and there should be some words saying "Welcome (your user name)" and just below that there will be the words "Private Messages" click on that and you will be in your pm's.

    2. How to write a pm.
    Once you are in the pm box (or inbox as they call it) you will see a panel to your left called "Control Panel". Some ware under that there should be a bar with the words "Private Messages" and under that there will be the words "Send New Message" click on it, you will be in the pm sending box. It is just like an email at this point apart from the fact that instead of putting the persons email that you want to send your message to you put there user name. And if you want to paste something in there you go to what you want to paste, (lets say you were going to put "hi", you could just right it but we will paste it this time) and select it, to do this you drag your mouse pointer over it wile holding down the left mouse button. Then when this is done you right click on the selected area and a small menu will pop up, in there will be the word “copy”, click it (You have now copied "hi"). Now, go to the message you writing and right click were you want "hi" to be("hi" usually goas at the beginning), again the small menu will pop up but this time you click “paste”, tada "hi" has bean pasted into your message.

    3. How to attach stuff.
    You can't. Although you can have images and links, although they have to be on the web some were.
    To put an image you type: “[​IMG]” exp.
    On this I have done the img’s like I said before but this time I put a image link inside the two img’s, this is it “http://www.animalinfo.org/image/romediaz1 j 12.jpg”.
    To make a link you go “{url=The web site address}The name you want to call the link{/url}”(but use these brackets "[ ]" not these "{ }") exp. Go4Expert.

    Now if you have any more questions post them.
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    Also you can refer to FAQ's

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