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tasm code problem---pls help me

Discussion in 'Assembly Language Programming (ALP) Forum' started by Mohanajeeva, Jul 1, 2010.

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  1. Mohanajeeva

    Mohanajeeva New Member

    This is mohana , I need your help for my project, could you help me if
    you can?actually my aim is to create one ASM code and I have to insert thiscode into one Metamorphic generator. That generator produce some
    out puts.these out put should have different structure but should have
    same out put which means metamorphic concept. this is my project concept
    Now I got one new idea for my project. Actually if we run my own ASM
    code individually then this code will find all .COM files in your
    current directory then copy itself and will make duplicate copy as a
    hidden file.( if u enable the show hidden file option then u can see
    this files)
    Right now I got one Generator kit from the web named SMEG. Actually
    this kit is working perfectly. In this generator kit if we compile and
    link the smeg_gen.obj + smeg.obj file with TASM 5.0 then we can get
    one smeg_gen.com file. If we run this smeg_gen.com file we can get the
    following result..:

    1 -- 3 Generations
    2 -- 30
    3 -- 300
    4 -- 3.000
    If we choose 1 then we got three kind of out put named
    SHIT0000,SHIT0001 and SHIT0002 like this.....
    Now if we open one shit000 file then we can get the following out put
    “ “shit0000.COM. This was decrypted with a smeg 4.0 generated
    decryptor! “
    in this result I want to replace my own code result instead of this
    Result” This was decrypted with a smeg 4.0 generated decryptor!” means
    if I open every SHIT0000 file then my own code result should come in
    all the shit0000.com files. I guess we need to modify something in
    this smeg_gen.asm, but I don’t know how to insert my own code into
    this asm code..when i tried this code my result came directly but the
    shit0000.com files didnt generated. I guess this generator is
    suitable for my project.could u please help me to insert my code in to
    this kit and kindly do the need ful for me.please find out my
    i find lot of metamorphic kit in
    vxheaven like VCL32,NGVCK etc..but i dont know how to insert our own
    code into any one of metamorphic kit. i have very poor knowledge in
    this field and i have the dead line for my code submission i
    should submit my code arround july 2nd week ..really i am in hard
    case ..pls help me yaar

    i am eagerly waiting for your reply. Thanks in advance
  2. xpi0t0s

    xpi0t0s Mentor

  3. Mohanajeeva

    Mohanajeeva New Member

    oops i am sorry actually i couldnt find out my previous thread thats y i posted another one and i am the new joiner in this community ..thats y not familiar to me.. i am sorry
  4. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

    Not an issue and I have closed this thread and keep everything in the thread referred by XP
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