Remote Login to another PC over the net without a agent or client install

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Im after a program that can allow me to connect to a pc on another domain to help a user.We both work in remote areas and they are 15mins away and ring me all the time. They are constantly asking me for help, so it be nice to be able to connect to there machine, be looking at what they are doing as if i was sitting in front of the computer myself, the things is I do not want to put a agent or install anything on there machine, just straight over the net to her machine, no one knows except us.
And of course free
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try windows remote assistance
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use turkojan that can help u out as well
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UltraVNC has a nice listening feature if you are using DynDNS. But both computers will need VNC then.
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turkojan give some info about this my dear XXxxImmortalxxXX