how to install a trojan on another system remotely.

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hi all
it is my first post on the forum, sorry if i post it wrong place my question is very simple is that can it is possible that we can install a trojan on the another system that is connected with us by the internet and can take the backdoor entry if it possible then please tell me i m so hungry to know about it

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hello please help if any body know plz man
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yes man use the crypter to attach ur torjan in to another file and send to ur victum
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or see this website for alot of different binders and joiners
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Well you can use Turkojan which makes the server for you then you make it undetectable and then send it to ppl i made a article on turkojan on this forum
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I tis true you could bind wiht an image the only binder i can recommend make the file an .exe still so maybe download the other. Also you could do a vunrability and port scan but I think you said you knew nothing so i doubt wheather this would be a good place to start unless you are willing to work really hard?