please help me ( double linked list )

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plz i wont soulotion of my questions by codes :

where list is the node pointer for the whole double linked list
how i can :

1- add a node after the node that has 30

2- delete a node at the beginning of the list

3- delete a node before 30

4- count how many nodes are in the list

5- count how many nodes are greater than 10

6- count how many even and odd nodes in the list !!

7- print all the nodes in the list but ( backwards )

8- split the double list into 2 , where the first list has a pointer list and the other one has the pointer head , and it starts with the node 15 !!

make answer what you know plz

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We dont do your homework but if you have some coding where you are stuck we can help you out.
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