How a six-year-old beat the House of Commons computer system

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    A BBC South Inside Out investigation has revealed how an alarming loophole in security allowed a six-year-old to hack into the highly sensitive computer system at the House of Commons.

    Brianagh, a schoolgirl from Winchester, knows very little about computers. However, she was able to breach security at one of the most heavily guarded buildings in Britain by using a high-tech spying device called a keylogger.

    Keyloggers can be bought legally on the internet for as little as £50. They're designed to be hidden on a computer without the owner's knowledge.

    Once planted, keyloggers secretly record every single scrap of information that is typed using the computer's keyboard – and that includes passwords, banking details and credit card numbers.

    Top fraud expert, Neil Munroe from Equifax, admits that keyloggers are fast becoming the weapon of choice for a new breed of high-tech gangsters.

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