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    With the objective of providing highly learning experience with cost-effective RFID courses at your desktop, RFID4U – A World wide leader in RFID learning solutions offers spectrum of RFID e-Learning courses which split into separate series like CompTIA RFID certification modules, RFID courses and vendor based RFID product courses. RFID4U self paced training is convenient, effective, and affordable way to enhance training, stretch resources and acquire practical skills.

    Regardless of your type of organization, skill levels, or learning styles; RFID4U e-Learning can provide access to RFID training—anytime and anywhere—provide rich learning content and flexible options for content delivery to address your specific business needs.

    Learners can assess their knowledge before and after training, as well as track their progress and save their learning history, which makes it easier to incorporate learning into individual schedules.

    You can view our full range of online courses and sign up here for Free basic RFID and RFID UID/DOD courses.

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