First Web & Web 2.0 oriented database is released

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    The first release of Eloquera, the fusion database, is out. Eloquera's architecture and technology specifically targets at the Web developer.

    Designers of Eloquera have recognized that it was important that there should not be any steep learning curve for developers. Hence a familiar SQL interface has been maintained. Existing developers can be up and running with Eloquera in a matter of hours.

    Some of the unique features Eloquera queries have:

    Supported ALMOST operation for approximate search
    SELECT Book WHERE AuthorName ALMOST 'Bil' WITHIN 2

    Powerful regular expressions
    SELECT Book WHERE AuthorName REGEX '\w+@[a-z_]+\.[a-z]{2,}'

    Culture support
    SELECT Book WHERE AuthorName LIKE['ft-FR'] '%Exupery'

    Get parent only
    SELECT ONLY Paper WHERE Publisher CONTAINS 'Ted'

    At the same time entire interface is very straightforward

    For example insert:
    db.Insert(new Book());

    And to query:
    IEnumerable books = db.ExecuteQuery("SELECT Book WHERE Price > 1e3 ORDER BY Title");

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