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    SiteClip is an application that provides audio/video recording capabilities on any site. It is designed to offer easy integration with all types of web sites and it allows the site users to record and publish their audio/video recordings straight on your web site.

    Record videos of your goods and show them to your clients on your site. Create interactive audio/video demonstrations straight from your web page. Advertise with the help of videos on your side.

    SeeTheFace allows you to create attractive video messages powered by SiteClip's useful features:

    * Function-rich video recorder (various settings, sizes)
    * Fully customizable player (color, skin)
    * Absence of any form of advertisement
    * Video filters
    * Easy integration with your website and users-database
    * Ability to save video files on your server
    * Your website Logo/Watermark

    And now with SeeTheFace's Wordpress Plugin bloggers can upgrade their Wordpress Blog to a Video Blog instantaneously. Its release allows bloggers to add the video recording capabilities of SiteClip to their blogs just by doing a few mouse clicks.

    You can check these applications and their features at

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