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    Mobile technology is growing on this 21st century. The development of 3G technology has been very useful for businessmen and office workers that are very busy and dependent on their mobile phones.

    Multimedia phones can provide the user a better experience in listening to MP3 music and Mpeg Videos. Years ago a high school student asked on a blog site why 24 can’t have a mobile version so she can watch it at school. Her Dad’s officemate gave her a comment that he also wanted it so that he can also watch the series in the office. After several years, the mobisode technology was presented.

    Mobisode is movie Series divided into small episodes for mobile units. Each episode has only a 1 minute compressed frames. The name mobisode was created from the combination of the word Mobile and the word Episodes. The mobisode or the mobile episodes are created to entertain mobile users anytime by just downloading the latest episode of a TV series. The producer of 24 created a new setting of 24 series dedicated for mobile systems. It is kind of hard for Hollywood producers and directors to create a TV series for mobile phones that time. The first concern was the size of the screen and the length of an episode. That’s why it was hardly accepted. But right now there are already a lot of movie producers dedicated for mobile entertainment productions like mobisodes. The development of bigger storage systems and faster media processing on mobile phones also helped the mobisode technology to grow.

    Right now kids and parents are watching movies on their mobile phones. That is the reason why was created; we want to serve those people who needs to download mobile episodes directly to their mobile phones. We want to make people’s life easier by advancing the mobile technology by developing mobile multimedia entertainment.

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