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    Having a MarketPlace in forum is always good for user interaction but I was certain that using forum to add the marketplace actually means that too much of spamming and self promotion. Go4Expert does not encourage that at all. Finally we have launched Go4Expert's Job's Board in partnership with Donanza

    Programmers and freelancers do not pay anything to use the Job Board but to post the project you have to pay the fees of $10 but to kick off the new Job Board we have made it complete free for employers.

    At the time of Payment just apply the coupon


    And your cost of $10 will become $0.


    Hurry because the offer will expire in about one week's time.

    What Happens to old Job Forum?

    I am sure this question will be bugging your mind and so here is what has been done.

    Job Offers / Job Seekers / Freelance Marketplace are all combined and redirected into one forum Job Discussion which was the parent forum of all the Job Sub forums earlier. People can discuss about Jobs and Careers in Job Discussion forum and from now on all Freelance Work and Job Offers can go into New Board.

    If you have more queries do share them in comments below.
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    Can we have some contests?

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