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    All of us have data loss due to hard drive failure, or a variety of other reasons at least once in all these years of our stint with the computer. As a novice I had a lot of problems with bad sectors, erroneous CD media, but know quite well how to retrieve data from a damaged disk. Today I can retrive deleted files from disks using some utilities, but damaged disks and media are still a terror.

    When it comes to data recovery, one of the big names in the business is DataChasers, they are also experts at Computer Forensics, DataChasers is a full-service e-discovery and computer forensics company.DataChasers offers examinations tailored to the needs of the client, based on escalating levels of intensity for each examination. There are 3 Levels of examinations.E-Discovery is turning paper into searchable data, Electronically Stored Information (ESI).

    DataChasers offers you a full range of professional data recovery service options. We offer you top-shelf data recovery services at a reasonable price for all hard disk drive manufacturers. We offer standard and priority services to best suit the needs of our clients. In addition, we offer the fastest possible turnaround time. For details click Forensic computer.

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