[Codefest] Prizes worth 104,000 INR at stake for RAD. Certificates to all participant

Discussion in 'Information Technology' started by 1989gaurav, Feb 27, 2010.

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    Hello developers,

    CodeFest in association with British Telecom and TCS presents RAD - Ribbit Application Development: Lets write the future of communication. It is a completely online month long event starting from Feb 27 and is open to all students and professionals round the globe.

    Ribbit platform provides APIs for Adobe Flash, Java, JavaScript, PHP, .NET, Silverlight which enables to Make/Receive/Record Call, Send SMS, Voice Mail,voice to text transcription, collect DTMF tones etc. through an application so that you can build the next generation Skype, Google
    Voice or VoxOx.

    There are prizes worth 2250$ (104,000INR) for the winners. Certificates will also be provided to all teams submitting a working application. Winning applications to be showcased on Ribbit website.

    Each registered team for Codefest RAD gets 25$ credit (View Ribbit Pricing) to their Ribbit account which otherwise requires a credit card. Top 25 teams shortlisted based on Round 1 submission will be provided extracredit for further development.

    Problem statements will be released on Feb 27 06:00 pm IST. Learn How to Participate. Registrations and Submissions close on Mar 15 09:00 pm IST.
    For further questions email us at codefest@itbhu.ac.in or contact the following:

    • Gaurav Gupta : +91-8081-775-493
    • Neeraj Kumar : +91-9369-031-633
    Other Events at Codefest

    • GumboRumble : Problem statements for Adobesponsored 2 months long application development competition with prizes worth 50,000 INR, have been released. Registrations and Submissions closes on Feb 28 2100 Hrs (IST).
    • CodeWarrior : Test of overall aptitude and problem solving skills. It has questions on baffling puzzles, buggy codes& bewildering algorithms. First Cumulative Round have been finished and second round will start on Mar 5. Prizes worth 20,000 INR.
    • MathMania : An event with Challenging Mathematical Problems as in Project Euler, Scheduled on Mar 13. Prizes worth INR 20,000.
    • Manthan : An algorithm intensive programming competition on the lines of ACM-ICPC, to be hosted on Codechef. Scheduled on Mar 14. Prizes worth INR 40,000.
    • Perplexed! : C obscure Programming Competition, to get in-depth knowledge of C. Scheduled on Mar 21. Prizes worth INR 25,000.
    Be free and Happy Coding!
    Team Codefest.
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    Re: [Codefest] Prizes worth 104,000 INR at stake for RAD. Certificates to all partici

    If you are so excited about this does not mean you have license to spam all the forum with this announcement.

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