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    Are you up for a challenge?

    Do you like extreme contests? Then the 12th BME International 24 hour Programming Contest, the Challenge24 is the right place for You! Here you are allowed to use any kind of tools, books, softwares, and languages to compete successfully, except for external help.
    Informatics or artificial intelligence? Algorythm theory, mathematics? You might apply all of these if you want to be the best.

    Look the ch24.org

    Those teams of threes that reach the final 24 hour round will need to prove that they are able to resolve the tasks quickly and efficiently. Do not expect an easy win! You might be required to demonstrate deep professional knowledge, or extreme creativity. Although, it is certain that you will need a well organized team with smooth operation, even under pressure.

    The best team is to have the Challenge24 Cup for a year. In order, to win it you will have to defeat the top three finalist teams of the last contest in the final 24 hour round organized in Budapest. Another 81 professionals of 27 teams will qualify themselves from the five hour long semi-final held on 25th February, 2012. Thus, the bests out of the thousands of contestants from every corner of the world (Africa, Australia, America, Asia, and Europe) are meeting for the final 24 hour round between 27th April and 29th April, 2012 in Budapest.

    Registration is available until 23rd February on ch24.org where you can find additional important information, as well.

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