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Apr 16, 2012
May 5, 2009
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~ Б0ЯИ Τ0 С0δЭ ~, from Orissa, INDIA

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Apr 16, 2012
    1. nimesh
      Thanks for the links.
    2. nimesh
      I've heard of ASM and want to learn more about it.
      Can you send some links that you liked for ASM.

      I didn't knew anything about computers in my school age. Just a layman I would say :)

      Never heard of BrainF*ck, BeFunge, WhiteSpace
      Did not got change to play with Logo

      C# is also good but sometimes drive my crazy

      Left java because of dependency of JRE and other java components.
      And it doesn't even work at my home PC :(
    3. nimesh
      haha good
      So which language you like the most?

      I won't say I'm good at programming but yes, I'm better than most of my collagues.
      Because my current domain does not require programming :)

      I learned programming more than 5 yrs ago, and then I joined this company where there was nothing much to program, so I was a bit sidelined.
      But I continued to work on my own, sometimes for fun, sometimes for help.
      Mostly it was VBA programming in Access or Excel.

      And now from last 6 months I'm into ASP.Net

      I like VB and Java but left java long ago :(
    4. nimesh
      Yes, it was me. For the article of Hide files/folders

      I wanted to ask one question:
      How did you learned cracking?
      Did someone guided you, or it was completely on your own?
    5. nimesh
      I never had a look onto the voting thread :)
      Well, now when you remindid me, I'll do the rest.
    6. nimesh
      I can get that from your answers to $1 competition :)
    7. nimesh
      Well, what are your plans ahead?
      I mean after XII
    8. nimesh
      You may be the youngest here but I think you are the brightest one too :)
      Seriously, feels good to know someone with such knowledge

      I can't even think of going above 90. Even 90 would be too tough for me ;)
      The maximum that I scored in my life was 71.6 :(
      But now I don't feel like that, because everyone around me knows much less about computers than me :lol:
      except a few who are brilliant and knows more, but different than what I know :)

      I live and work in Thane, just close to Mumbai.
      Which is around half an hour far from IIT-B, by Bus

      I work in a CRO [wiki], as Oracle Application Administrator
      But I do lot more stuff than this :)
    9. nimesh
      I'm here only ;)
      Was just tied up with office work and was unable to give more time to all this stuff :(
      Now I'll be little free and might end up here frequently, hehe

      btw, congrats on your great score.

      which side in Orissa do you live?
      I'd been ther once long back, in Sunabeda
    10. priyad
      and even when I was editing a spelling error yday, i knew you were gonna point out the timing. Same goes about spelling xpi0t0s...(roll eyes, roll eyes)
    11. priyad
      Hi Saswat...No PM-ming answers...participate da. We gotta see if you are as good in the fun stuff
    12. xpi0t0s
      No idea, I was mistakenly awarded Patron when I was awarded Mentor so maybe it's just a glitch.
      It's nothing I'm doing.
    13. indiansword
      i sleep the whole day :)
    14. indiansword
      so its basically NIGHT SHIFTS. 2:30am to 11:30am
    15. indiansword
      I work with a call center for the process of "HP TECHNICAL SUPPORT" to north american customers as a manager.
    16. indiansword
      so what are u doing right now? I am in office so getting bored lol.
    17. indiansword
      ok i got it.
    18. indiansword
      what logo contest?
    19. indiansword
      lol ur on DP as well huh?
    20. indiansword
      fine thanks, just PMed ya coz was getting bored. So what do u do?
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