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Jun 14, 2009
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Sep 13, 2012
    1. rockyrakster
      I am back....
    2. shabbir
      Result of Member Competition 2009
    3. SaswatPadhi
      I was replying to that thread in the morning, but there was some problem with the internet connection :( :( due to which I could not post, and the GTalk session was interrupted too :(
    4. shabbir
      Done that.
    5. naimish
      Hi MJ, I really got shocked when you told me this, 30-40-50 MB !!!!!!!!!! anyways, what is the picture format are you people using ? I think there is nothing in code you can do but you can fight with the picture formate.

      Just for an example, get any pic from the web, save it as BMP and save it as JPEG, the size diff. will be a lot.

      Still I would try if we can do something with code, but still as I said, that will depends upon the picture only.

      Let me know if I get it right what you are saying.
    6. rockyrakster
      Hey mate I have posted my first article in c++ section check it out.It is on selection sort
    7. c_user
      check out my new post in artice > windows ....
      you will hav fun using those...
    8. c_user
      keywords used in DOS... where should i post it.....
    9. c_user
      sorry forgot to mention in DOS
    10. c_user
      i m having a set of keywords that i want to thread here in this community.. so where should i post it..... reply soon..
    11. c_user
      mayjune can u compile that num program and say me the output becoz i dont hav c or c++ as i hav formated my system.....
      hav a gud day...
    12. c_user
      thanks for replying me...
      well my name is Irfan i m a second year student studing in Vitam and my stream is CSE.i live in orissa and i want to learn batch file programming because i have heard a lot about it..
      At present i m learning .net programming and i know c,c++ and java(intro..).
      i have great zeal of learning any thing related to computers...
      let me check it out the sites u provide me of for batch file .....
      thank you very much...
      hav a gud day
    13. shabbir
      Promoted as Expert
    14. shabbir
      Forgot to add. Its better to have separate threads for each news with good title rather than compiling all news into one.

      Soon I would also promote you to next level
    15. shabbir
      Done. Also Do let me know if you would like to add any other forum into your mods list.
    16. shabbir
      No. But I guess you can post the news into the News section when they happen. I would not mind if you moderate that forum as well if you want to.
    17. c_user
      i have a very keen interest in learning batch files ...
      even i dont know whatb is batch files so please send me some .pdf files so that i can learn and grow my knowledge...
    18. rockyrakster
      Mate I It should work I have submitted it for my 12th project remeber.Did you copy it indefault c++ folder or try this please put .dat files in the place where tc.exe is located.It is only a error caused due to missing files......and it if you press right it goes of because I use getch().It is another drawback....Please try changing the dat files location.Or do this Executte the program and come out and check in all your tc folders.You will find in some folder in tc where you will find cars.dat,cricket.dat,level1.dat etc with file size 0 KB this where you have to copy the dat files
    19. rockyrakster
      REgarding my program hey just unzip all files to default program folder[The folder by default where you can save programs in tc] it will work... Mate regarding the contest can you tell the first contest's topic
    20. c_user
      hi mayjune what do u do and can u solve one problem for me ......?
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