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    Question of the century? I basically want to know which would be more efficient if I wrote this code as several different variables or if I used small arrays.
    int x = 34;
    int y = 28;
    int z = 293;vs
    double coordinate[3] = {34, 28, 293};I have a coordinate struct which I will use in the following way:

    typedef struct coordinates_t {
    double x = 0.0;
    double y = 0.0;
    double z = 0.0;

    } coordinates;

    typedef struct car_t {
    coordinates start; // car starting point
    coordinates location; // car current Location
    coordinates targCarVector; // Vector to car from target
    coordinates altitude; // Altitude of car
    coordinates distance; // Distance from car start to current position
    } car;I'll need to do things like:
    distance = car1.location - car1.start;If I don't use an array I'll have to have a lot of lines of code, but if I use an array I'll have to use loops. Are arrays and loops more memory/cpu intensive? I am basically trying to see which is the most efficient way of writing this code.


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