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Discussion in 'C#' started by Loony064, Aug 28, 2010.

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    Hey all!

    I'm working on a project at the moment that uses WPF with C#. It has 4 tab pages (view, add, edit, delete records). On the view tab page, there is a listview that displays the database (SQL using linq-to-sql) records from a particular table (lets call it 'customers'). I can select a record to edit/delete from this listview.

    On the add tab page, i can add a new item (customers), as well as add related items (orders, for example) for this customer. There is a list view for the orders, that displays basic info about it. I can add a new order to the new customer record and these display in the listview. I can also select an order from the listview to edit or delete if needs be. The problem is that the listview won't let me select an item.

    When i select an item, it highlights for a second and then reverts to its normal, unselected state. The info for both listviews are similar (i.e. listview1.ItemsSource = query; listview2.ItemsSource = query; and query is a sql query to get records from the database.)

    // sample of the xaml listview code (the code for both listviews is the same except,m obviously, for the DisplayMemberPath and SelectedValuePath):

    Any idea's why its not allwoing me to select an item from one listview but it is from the other and how I can fix this issue?


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