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Discussion in 'Ethical hacking' started by Scripting, Jul 21, 2010.

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    That programm is OPHcrack

    To download this look up for "OPHcrack" at

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    "OPHcrack LiveCD help.
    So, I hear a lot of people having problems with this. So, after asking how to use it, I finally figured it out, all it takes is a little poking around...

    In case you don't know what OPHcrack is, or where to get it... it's a program that you put on a disk to help you crack the administrator (or anyone else's) password on a Windows computer.

    It's an .ISO file so it will take a while, then use an image mounting program to burn the .ISO to disk (look up: Sonic, Daemon tools, MagicISO, etc...). put the disk in, and reboot the computer, it should run on it's own.

    If it doesn't run on it's own and you still can't figure out how, when your computer is first starting up go to startup menu (usually, you have to press F1 key to go to startup menu) and it should show a bunch of different options and features. Usually it will show other menus (like main, advance, power, etc, etc), but you have to go to "Boot" and then find "Boot Device Priority," and you have to set [CD ROM] to first boot device. another option that it should show is "boot-time diagnostic screen" enable that too (this option also shows up under "boot menu."

    if you don't understand what I just explained, I found a link for you. --->
    could be helpful if OPH isn't working for you.


    Now, if the CD starts running right away, Slax (or SLAX6) should show up on the screen, it will give you a list of options, but you won't need to enter any of them, it will run on it's own. if something pops up on your monitor saying it's out of range, or if the screen goes blank, press "CTRL - ALT - Numpad + (which is the plus sign right next to your numberpad, incase you didn't know). After pressing that a couple times, it should show up and it will show you all the passwords, elapsed time, etc, etc... then, when it's done or if you want it to stop early for some reason, just hit the power button and the disk will pop out, and the computer will shutdown.

    Then, all you need to do, is log on using the administrator's password, as if the administrator account is your own."

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    hey it is wonderfull cracking tool
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