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Discussion in 'C++' started by Visuals, Jun 3, 2008.

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    Hi there frnds this is Mawaz from Dubai, nice2 have such a gr8 forum.I have something 2 ask hope u frnds will help and guide me.

    Recently i visited an IT institute and told them that am interested in computer courses, they asked what u like? i said well i like programming but i never learned it properly just learned some basics in C++ through books a few lines on html but i like to work on web applications ,applets and am also interested in MCSE Certification bcaz i like Networking.The teacher asked that what u think about programming? i replied that i felt it so hard while studying without proper teaching thats y am now focusing on .net and MCSE.
    The teacher said ok u r interested in .net and MCSE but i recommend u to start with programming to get some logic and for that here are ur options and package.

    1.C and C++
    2.Java or Visual basics

    Frnds my question is that why teacher is recommending me C and C++.
    Is this will waste of time to learn them or its necessory to learn them even b4 MCSE and .net.
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    Learning C-C++ is always good because it helps you to grasp anything in the future. As the case with me is I never learned MFC / C# but as I knew C-C++ well I was able to handle the live projects very early with other languages.

    Also I moved your thread to C-C++ forum

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