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Discussion in 'Social Media Marketing' started by Tony0930, Jul 23, 2008.

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    Jun 17, 2008
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    Job Description
    Here are the details for my business plan of my website concept. Long but please read through it as I will outsource my project and tons of other works will be on your list if things work out well.
    This site will include these functions:
    1) Allow users to register and then store user names and passwords and email these to users.
    2) Track and store user data. Allowing users to tag each video with language, category and authors’ demographics
    3) Have a search field so users can search for performances, poets, written poems, videos and other information about Speak 2B Free
    4) Request poets to register in order to perform and to use their user names in order to enroll into competitions
    5) Enable the moderator to accept and reject contestants in between performances
    6) Broadcast live performances once a week. Performers will be all over the world and the website should allow the moderator to focus on one performer and give them the spotlight and then move on to the next performer in another country.
    7) Allow audiences to view performances without logging in but require audiences to log in, in order to vote. It should have the capacity to generate a message asking users to register to vote
    8) Display English translations of foreign poems on side during performances
    9) Allow 1 minute adverts between first and second performance and between the second and third performance
    10) Tally votes in-between performances
    11) Display banner adverts on the top of the website during performances
    12) Allow audiences to write comments to performers or to communicate with each other about performers
    13) Allow users to log in via cell phones and later allow poets to send live video feed using cell phones
    14) Store live performances (including side bar translations) as archives and allow users to view these later without logging in
    15) Allow newsletter writer to write newsletters and send that to all registered users in a batch
    16) Allow users to click through to other links such as the Speak 2B Free blog
    17) In later years the website should have many translations and users should be able to choose in what languages they would like to read instructions

    I need an approx quote for this project and the timeline you will spend on this whole developing.
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    Please do not post your freelance sites projects here and that too in the wrong forum. Thread closed.
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