What is WebGL or Rats WebGL hit a snag?

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    When you work on Google Chrome, an error called ‘Rats! WebGL Hit A snag’ appears repeatedly. Many of you wonder what is WebGL hit a snag? It’s an error that you face in Chrome when you are browsing sites which involves using rich JavaScript based interactive games, Google maps, top-notch animation, 2D & 3D videos and 360-degree videos. The question to what extent you can allow such attack by some unknown and mysterious bugs and errors which become sometimes difficult to eliminate without using plugins or advanced browser setting?

    Here we share three simple solutions to overcome this error and improve browsing performance with help of the WebGL. So let’s get some idea about WebGL before discussing the methods to do away with the WebGL error.

    How to fix rats WebGL hit a snag?

    What is WebGL?

    WebGL is the short form for ‘web graphics library’ and is a type of JavaScript API that enables highly interactive 3D & 2D graphics with the help of GPU, in any web browser like Google’s Chrome and Mozilla’s Firefox without installing an excessive plug-in and add-ons.

    Introduced in early 2011, this is similar to the mobile version of OpenGL ES (Embedded Systems) but WebGL comes as in-built Desktop browsers.

    All APIs are called via JavaScript. With the help of GPU that has the entire WebGL program codes, the execution of JavaScript occupy a place which gives you to have all the required graphics while visiting certain websites, 2D & 3D videos and Google maps.

    WebGL enables GPU assisting image processing and application of physics to execute the JavaScript API via the HTML5 canvas element to bring out the 3D everywhere. Hence you can include real-time 3D graphics in web pages. Moreover, the WebGL is created and maintained by a non-profit group, ‘Khronos group’ located in the USA.

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