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    Hey guys,

    I'm having an issue with the iwebrowser2 interface. I am using atl's ccomptr to create an instance of the interface which works fine, but when I call the navigate2 function it is returning and E_FAIL hresult and I can't figure out why. Here is a sample of the code I am using. I am calling this c++ class from c win32 code and do not want to use MFC do to the issues with afx and win32 applications. If you could help me out I would greatly appreciate it.

    #define VC_EXTRALEAN // Exclude rarely-used stuff from Windows headers

    /* Class COM Methods */

    //#include <afxdisp.h>
    #include <comdef.h>
    #include <atlbase.h>
    #include <exdisp.h>

    CAtlComModule _Module;

    #include <atlcom.h>

    #include "iexcpp.h"

    /* C++ Code */

    extern Iex *pIex;

    /*Bfun ************************* *Efun*/

    bool Iex::IexCreateBrowser( char * url )
    CComPtr<IWebBrowser2> lpTBrowser;
    // CComPtr<IDispatch> lpTDispatch;
    LPUNKNOWN pUnkOuter = NULL;
    DWORD dwClsContext = CLSCTX_ALL;
    DWORD dwFlags = 0;
    HRESULT hrl = 0;
    VARIANT vEmpty;
    BSTR bstrName;



    //Create web browser using IWebBrowser2...
    hrl = lpTBrowser.CoCreateInstance( CLSID_WebBrowser, pUnkOuter, dwClsContext );

    return false;

    lpTBrowser->get_FullName( &bstrName );

    if( url == NULL )
    return true;
    { hrl = lpTBrowser->Navigate2( &_variant_t(url), &_variant_t( dwFlags ), &vEmpty, &vEmpty, &vEmpty );
    return false;
    { lpTBrowser->put_Visible( _variant_t( true ) );
    return true;

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