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Discussion in 'Web Development' started by ken3mx, Jun 1, 2009.

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    Hey Webdev world,

    I'm conducting some web development research for my internship, and I would love to know where to start since I'm clueless in all aspects of web development.

    The company I'm interning at wants to know what their web development options are before they hire a company. They mentioned phpBB forums, WordPress blog w/ plug-ins, and more -- I felt dumb when I realized I never heard of most of what they mentioned.

    The media director sent me these guidelines:
    Primary goal is to build community and to give people a place to go and interact on/through our website.

    They can get information that we provide and share information between them.

    We need to access/collect our users information - nothing crazy, just some basic demographic data

    We need the information we provide to be categorical, searchable, sorted

    We want users and their interactions to be category-specific

    Need to be a member before you can access the info/community

    Mind-mapping software should be integrated (low-priority for launch)

    Need an central place where we can have guest contributors present their own information and interact with users

    Analytics - need to measure user activity, demographic- and user group specific

    Want to be able to conduct research, focus groups, feedback, and surveys

    Support for media - video, images, sound, etc​



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