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Warning msg --> The record has been changed by another user...

Discussion in 'MS Access' started by azirion, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. azirion

    azirion New Member

    Sep 12, 2011
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    I'm using MS Access as a front end program, and I have a form based on a query which obtains the data from a MySql database on a server through ODBC driver.

    My problem is that I try to make a simple button which I wrote VBA code with a simple command like:

    field.text = "whatever"

    The idea is to insert some text into that field. At that point I dont have any problems. The warning message appears when I try to change to another record, or if I add a Me.Refresh line into that code.

    I have no problem adding, editing or deleting fields. The only way this windows pops up is when I try to edit or add text to an existing field using VBA on a button.

    Furthermore if I use this button on a new record it works fine, at this point if a go to the first record, it works once more, from that point on, every time I click the button the popup appears :(

    ...and yes I added the TIMESTAMP field on the table using CURRENT_TIMESTAMP as default.

    I would really appreciate some help on this one.

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