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    I am trying to write a small program that will basically be able to do the following:

    -Once opened detect and display your WAN IP within the program
    -Have a button that will also allow a user to get his or her WAN IP immediately and display this in the program
    -Also to be able to minize the program to ONLY the system tray with a small icon.
    -While minimized i would like it to be able to go out and check for the WAN IP every 10 minutes. this will enable a user to one if it gets a different ip they will know or if it does not get an ip i woud like it to be able to say in this event No Connectivity ( which intern is a internet connectivity test slightly)

    Basic goal is to have our customers instead of visiting ipchicken.com (these are car wash owners. very dumb not bright, some are dont get me wrong) just to have our program run all the time and notify them of no internet or what their current ip address is. this will enable us to connect more seemlessly by knowing this ip address and to tell the customer "HEY you dont have internet this is why your credit cards arent clearing."

    I have attached a picture of the program itself and the functions im looking for. thanks for all the help if someone helps. im VERY VERY VERY new to ANY programming.

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