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[Volunteer]MechCommander Omnitech Looking for a DX9 Coder

Discussion in 'Jobs And Career Discussion' started by Karl, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. Karl

    Karl New Member

    Mar 27, 2012
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    Project name:

    Mechcommander OmniTech , a revival Project for Mechcommander 2

    Brief description:


    my name is Karl and I am a founding member of the "Mechcommander OmniTech" Project.

    I'm sure most of you know Battletech, and maybe even Mechcommander 2. A game that offers a lot of possibilities, though unfortunately the business plans from the publisher and the technology available at the release time (DX7) didn't allow the game to grow to something really special. But the idea of having a Mechwarrior RTS game is still in many heads, and is also receiving quite a lot of interest.

    We are now working on the project nearly 18 months, and we have achieved quite a lot of things, and most important, receiving a lot of positive feedback, that shows us that the interest and faith into this game is still very alive. Since the start we have created a huge load of new models, new graphics, and most importantly, quite a lot of code changes. Our Coder "Magic" was able to breach a lot of the limits in this rather old engine, to close the grasp to nowadays systems.

    The achievements we already managed are as follows :

    - Most objects are free from the original game archive files, which makes them accessible and therefore more modifiable.
    - Tons of new Objects (Mechs, Buildings and Vehicles) have been added.
    - Limits for the camera has been raised a lot to support future graphic updates (more polygons possible on screen, different camera angle etc.)
    - A lot of new code features and new AI brain files
    - Object graphic texture size has been increased 400%
    - Terrain graphics have increased to 200%, some 400% and more (still in beta testing)
    - Overlay texture graphics have been raised 400% (still in beta testing)

    That means, we have already prepared the road to enhance the game further. Now, we are facing the next major step. We need help to lift this game from DX7 to DX9 and hopefully achieve some better graphic effects (normal or bump maps), but more important, getting finally rid of the tga files. So we are mostly looking for coders who have experience in graphic, DX9 and porting the game to support dds files.

    Website: (Sorry guys I cant post live links)

    ModDB Page - ModDB\Mechcommander Omnitech
    Public Forum - Hard Light Productions\Forum\Hosted Projects - Non-FreeSpace\Mechcommander Omnitech

    PM me here or on HLP or my team member Starman01 on HLP
    Please also feel free to post in this thread.

    If I dont answer quickly, please send a copy to Starman01 or post in this thread, I am in NZ so my timezone is a little off for the rest of the world, while Starman is in Europe.

    Additional Info:

    Here are a few (not all !) of the project goals :nice:

    1) Needs :
    a) Raise the engine limit for max polygons limited per frame => Already done
    b ) free the objects from hard coded files, for easier modding access => nearly done, beta stage
    c) raise texture limit (mostly done)
    d) bump and normal maps (still needed)

    2) Wants :

    a) Reintroduce video file support for MCO (Multiplayer and Videocode has been removed from the source from MS)
    b ) More brain possibilities to control allied team members for better living mission enviroment
    c) new logistic system, similar to MC 1 and a mix with MW4
    d) reintroduce multiplayer (currently activated but not working, again MS removed multiplayer in the source code release)

    and many more :nice:

    P.S. The result will be a FREE game for NON-COMMERCIAL use, in order to not work against the EULA for the source code release.


    Feel free to post or ask what you have in mind.

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