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Discussion in 'C++' started by mdavidjohnson, Sep 29, 2010.

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    I'm trying to learn how to modify Bitmaps programatically.

    As a first attempt, I'm trying to simply create a blank bitmap, programatically change it to all red, and display it in a pictureBox.

    The following code builds without error and, under "Start Without Debugging" runs without error except the blank pictureBox remains blank - no red bitmap is displayed in it. Any suggestions?

    private: System::Void button1_Click(System::Object^ sender,
    System::EventArgs^ e)
    Bitmap^ TempBitmap;
    TempBitmap = gcnew Bitmap(33,33);
    Color TempColor;
    unsigned char cArg;
    unsigned char cRed;
    unsigned char cGreen;
    unsigned char cBlue;
    for (int i=0; iImage = TempBitmap;
    label4->Text = "DONE";

    Yes, I know it's inefficient to put the color assignments inside the loop because they never change. But, since that's where I'll eventually put color modifications coding, they make good placeholders. :)

    M. David Johnson

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