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Discussion in 'Visual Basic ( VB )' started by ajl232, May 16, 2012.

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    Can anyone help me code this? It's a college level basic class:

    The game called Lottery requires the user to enter a number between 101 and 200, trying to match one (or more) of ten lottery numbers that you have randomly generated. Within your code the ten lottery num-bers (each in the range 101 – 200) will be the stored in a ten-element array.
    When the user clicks the Play button, your program should respond to the user’s guess by displaying a mes-sage box indicating whether the guess failed to match any lottery number, matched one, or matched more than one. The user can guess up to five times before you automatically generate a new set of random num-bers (a new set should also be generated if the user clicks the Reset button). And of course, you should re-spond appropriately if the user fails to provide the proper input.
    The Quit button should take the user back to the main menu window (and data from this form should not be retained). Note: you must use Debug.Writeline to display the list of ten randomly-generated numbers to fa-cilitate your testing as well as our grading of this game.
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    only thing you will need the the random() function
    other parts are basic

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