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    Alright I am needing help or pointed into the right direction on MUD,
    I have a basic start of a MUD i can connect my server on telnet but i want to make it console based.. but also have it mysql instead of .txt like i have it now.. which i learned most of it off of a tutorial long time ago.. but the tutorial lead me into a dead end right after the class part. I login create a char and then it ask me to confirm it and it just keeps looping until i type no.. if you want to check out the code i can zip it up and send it to you so you can help..

    i just basicly heres the rundown of what i need help with, I just need someone to help talkin me through on what i need to do on each part of these not to do it all themselfs :-\ sorry if it sounds like it..

    1. getting it to connect to MySQL.
    2. get my stuff working on MySQL.
    3. get it to be console based.
    4. show me how to advance past confirm
    5. and help me out with getting 2 or 3 monsters and quests out there and a few command and admin commands..

    that should get me started on learning it..

    mainly this will help me to learn MUD games and start learning more about VB6..

    I have added a zip file so you guys can see where im at and how messed up i am on it :-\

    Thank you..

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    Please do not attach the complete code but try to put in posts so it helps.

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