Using 8086 as a voltmeter

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    Hi everyone,

    I've "8086 Development & Training System (DATS)" from Feedback-Instruments. I want to use its "DAC & Comparator" feature to measure small DC voltages as the instructions say in the Experiments Manuel. (See attachments and PDF file with the name 24-131-s.pdf which I couldn't upload in here)

    Here are the instructions:
    "The Applications Board is not equipped with a ‘stand alone’ ADC. However, the
    DAC together with the comparator can be controlled with software to perform the
    ADC function. The simplest method is to connect one input of the comparator to the
    voltage to be measured, the other input of the comparator to the output of the DAC.

    The output of the comparator then can then be used to indicate if the input voltage is
    greater than or less than the output form the DAC. Under software control the output
    of the DAC is ramped up from zero and the output of the comparator is monitored.
    While ramping up the DAC output, when the output of the comparator changes, the
    digital input to the DAC is equal (as close as possible) to the input voltage. Thus, the
    analogue input to the comparator has been converted to its digital equivalent."

    I don't know how to do the connection I bolded above. I've emailed the company but no reply :(.

    The things is that I successfully did the "The Digital to Analogue (DAC)", which I used to generate different waveforms by connecting Aout and GND in the DAC & Comparator to the Oscilloscope.

    Any help?

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